ok, there is a minor lighting issue in the "Play In Browser" version above, but it doesn't hinder the experience so everything is fine eh o/

= = CONTROLS = =

I recommend you to play with a xbox controller. You can play with mouse + keyboard but the movements may feel less smooth and comfortable.

Avoid the **red blocks** and catch as much **green blocks** as you can. 

ZQSD / Left Stick to **Move**

Mouse / Right Stick to **Look Around**

= = PITCH = =

When I was a little boy, my mother was always telling me that if I dig the ground far enough, I will eventually reach China (I live in Europe, so kinda make sense eh). Well guess what, one little boy actually achieved to dig this hole toward China. He came back to say goodbye to his family, and now he is ready and set to jump in, and dive deep, deep, until China. You play as this little boy, and will have to fly through the hole dodging any hazard that could cross your fall until you finally reach China.

= =

Heyhey, so here we are again. Honestly I'm quite sad I had to starti this Compo quite late (16h after start eh), but I'm quite happy of the result. So much things I wanted to add, didn't even have time to do the damage/score objects meshs etc... but I think I'll do a post jam version, if you're interested (I KNOW YOU'RE NOT, OK.).

Anyway thanks for passing by  o/


- [1.01] Fixed Fog not displaying in the build

- [1.02] Fixed Game Over screen texts not displaying correctly when playing several runs with quitting the game

- [1.02] Fixed Dive movement sfx not stopping properly on game over

- [1.02] Added WebGL build version 


DiveToChinaBuild_v1.02_Executable.zip 29 MB
DiveToChina_SourceCode_v1.00 200 MB
LD48_DiveToChina_SourceCove_v1.02.zip 196 MB

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