/ note that for some reason I can't pinpoint, it's sometime impossible to properly move and shoot at the same time in the in-browser version of the game /



LEFT CLICK = Shoot (aim with the mouse cursor)

RIGHT CLICK = "Megalazor"  (aim with the mouse cursor) (only when charged) The Megalazor charge depending on your Sanity. The lower your Sanity is, the faster it charges.

= = = = =


In this post jam version, I added 3 very little things that I forgot in the end rush of the jam:
- Show the score in the game over screen
- Reset the score at the start of each new game (yeah...)
- Slightly randomized pitch for sound effects

= = = = =


Hordes of friendly zombies huggers are coming for you. But... you are quite claustrophobic. And you dont like zombies. Kill as many zombies as possible but, be carefull, if you get to close to too many zombies, or to their corpse, your SANITY will decrease. If it reaches 0, it's Game Over.

Aim for the highest score!


[ GOAL ]

Try to score as high as you can.
My personal high score is 3070, think you can beat it? :D

You lose if your Sanity reaches 0. Your sanity decreases depending on the number of enemies, corpses or walls that are close to your character.

- - -

Hope you'll enjoy plying this as much as I enjoyed making it! 

A game by Tristan "Soaren" Ledieu


Downloadable Game (.zip) 14 MB

Install instructions

- Click the "Download button"

- Extract the downloaded ".zip" folder

- Launch the ".exe" file

- Enjoy!

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