A downloadable game for Windows

= = = CONTROLS = = =

[A] => Jump
[RT] / [LT] => Launch or Bring back Grapple (Right/Left)
[RSB] / [LSB] => Pull Grapple (Right/Left)
[Y] (while in air) => Dive 

Try pulling the grapple while swinging in order to amplify your movement and reach higher places!

= = =

Little prototype I made in 3 weeks to train on 1st person controller polish and UE4 physics.

Note: Rope swing physics seem to break when the game runs with low framerate. The prototype is light enough so it should not happen, but know that if your grapple suddently shake and make you swing in strange direction, its beacause of that. Didn't find any simple solution which would fit in this prototype scope sadly.
This is also the main reason why I couldn't make the game movement faster (because now they are quite too slow :/ )

Install instructions

1- Download the .zip folder
2- Unzip the folder where you want
3- Open the unzipped folder and launch the "GrappleCCC.exe

(note that your computer security software may get angry, as its often the case with quick made builds)


Downloadable .exe 167 MB

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